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Philip VanDusen - Are You Multi-Creative

What are the challenges that are posed by being creative in more than one medium? Can you call yourself a “multi-creative”? You could be an illustrator who also enjoys dancing, playing an instrument, and composing but feel something’s amiss. Instead of serving you and your creative ambitions, you feel that each passion takes away from the other and leaves you gasping for air.

Chris Ducker - Why Leaders Must Continue To Learn

In this episode, I talk with Chris Ducker, Virtual CEO and leader of the mastermind community Youpreneur - one of the leading personal brand business education companies in the world. Chris is a recognized international business mentor, keynote speaker, podcaster, blogger and bestselling author of “Virtual Freedom” and “Rise of the Youpreneur”.

Philip VanDusen - How To Have a Great Creative Career

This episode was originally published as my 101st video on my YouTube channel. In it, I take you through the major events of my 30-year career in branding and design. We'll get into the highs, the lows, and everything else in between that contributed to where my business is today.

Welcome to the Brand Design Masters Podcast with Philip VanDusen

For the inaugural episode of the Brand Design Masters Podcast, I talk about what the podcast is all about, who it serves, how it could offer value, and what topics you can expect to be featured in future episodes.

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