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Lauren Gonzalez - The Blueprint to Designing Your Success

Building a career in graphic design doesn't need to be daunting anymore, especially with mentors and communities that offer support and guidance on how to get that design career off the ground.

Philip VanDusen - How to Find Content Ideas

I like to say “Out of feed, out of mind” because content marketing is still very much a numbers game.

Jozelle Tech - Rolling Into Success as a Creative Entrepreneur

In this unpredictable economy we face, it’s tough to always keep up with the ever-turning tides of creative entrepreneurship and even our personal lives. But with guidance from the right people and support from the best colleagues, we can find the strength and courage to roll with the waves.

Philip VanDusen - 7 Things They Don't Teach You in Design School

Do you think your design degree prepared you enough to survive in this creative economy? Can you confidently say that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to thrive as a creative professional?

Christine Mau - Designing a Career in Design Thinking

“Can a Designer be a Strategist?” That was what one event participant asked Christine.

Philip VanDusen - How to Grow Your Email List

Email is still the number 1 marketing tool for direct contact and engagement with your audience.

Jesse Showalter - An Authority in Authenticity: Personal Branding That Puts a Premium on Genuinely Giving Real Value to Others

As a creative professional who also maintains a personal brand, how important is it to carve out authenticity in what you do and how you show up online?

Philip VanDusen - Networking Tips for Designers and Creative Professionals

The thing with networking is if you’re uncomfortable doing it, then you’re doing it right because true connections are built outside your comfort zone.

Laura Pearman - Living and Breathing Brands: Making Personal Brands Come Alive by Offering Creative Direction as an Experience

When building your personal brand, it’s a non-negotiable to be true to yourself and leverage your own story. So it goes without saying that how you show up online should be in tune with who you are offline.

Philip VanDusen - 7 Biggest Website Mistakes Creative Professionals Make

Does your website serve the purpose you've intended for it?

Michael Janda - The Relationship Game: Building Real Personal Brand Connections

While it’s true that growing your network is a numbers game, it’s also very important to cultivate deep and lasting relationships with your connections. Today's guest takes this to heart and proudly shares that rather than having followers, he strives to get to know his connections as friends.

Philip VanDusen - The #1 Unicorn Skill For Creative Professionals

Persuade through your work and through your words.

Omar Farook - Adapting A Refine Mantra in Branding and the Tech Space

How do brand strategy and marketing come into play in tech startups?

Kathy Oneto - Building an Achievable and Sustainable Dream Career

How important is it to build a brand that aligns with your passion? Should you launch a business based on what you’re good at or on what you love?

Brigette Callahan - Powerpoint Specialist: The Power of Slide Presentations

More often than not, artists are told that they can’t make a living out of their passion.

Amy Woods - Maximum Marketing through Content Repurposing

From pursuing a career in finance to launching a creative business, this episode's guest proves that it is possible to blend in contrasting environments.

Will Paterson - Designing the Future: How Technology Transforms the Design Industry

“It is not the strongest or the smartest of species that survive. It is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

Oliver Duffy-Lee - Launching an Agency Business from Start-up to Scale-up

A lot of young creative entrepreneurs want to sell everything to everyone and end up getting no traction. How do you really streamline your ideas into action and get your business off the ground?

Michele Ronsen - Curiosity Creates Correct and Convincing Customer Avatars

As the old saying goes: “The more you ask, the more you know.”

Philip VanDusen - 10 Ways to Build More Confidence

There’s a crisis of confidence out there as a result of the COVID situation we’re finding ourselves in.

Anne LaFollette - Late Career Pivot: From Corporate Employee to Digital Entrepreneur Making Multiple 6-Figures

From losing a corporate job at 55 to launching a creative business at 63, today's guest truly embodies her brand’s tagline “It’s never too late to create”.

James Mulvany - Building a Successful and Profitable Podcast

In this episode, I dive into the world of radio and podcasting with one of the leading experts in audio — James Mulvany. James is the Founder of Radio.co, Podcast.co, and MatchMaker.fm.

Zach Hesterberg - Using the “Lever Pulling Method” to Drive Sales and Profit

It’s common for many in business, much more creative entrepreneurs who have built their solopreneurship around their personal brands, to be overwhelmed at the many things that could and should be done to grow their business.

Matthew Mattola - author, “The Human Cloud” on the Future of Freelancing

Are you familiar with the human cloud? It’s the digital and remote model of work that, according to today’s podcast guest, over half the US workforce will transition to within the next five years.

Stephen Houraghan - Using Branding and Content To Differentiate Your Business

For many creative entrepreneurs, the fear of posting content online remains one of the biggest hurdles in scaling their personal brand and business online.

Marty Neumeier - How to Build a Winning Branding Agency

All branding experts and even creative professionals who dabble in branding tip their hats to this episode’s guest.

Jacob Cass - The Power of Content Marketing in the Creative Economy

Because we find ourselves in a creative economy, there has never been a better time to become a designer or creative professional.

Jonathan Christian - Using Story to Supercharge Your Marketing

2020 is shaping up to be a pretty bad year all around but for today’s podcast guest, nothing can top how awful 2008 was for him and his family.

Neal Shaffer - author, “The Age of Influence” discusses Influencer Marketing

In this episode, I speak with someone who probably has the strongest influence when it comes to influencers and leveraging them for social media.

Andy Storch - Networking and Relationship Building

Networking is an invaluable skill that opens up many opportunities for any entrepreneur. But for those who are more introverted, it can be tough to interact with others, let alone foster strong connections with them.

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