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Lee Jackson - How the Pandemic Is Evolving Digital Events

Lee Matthew Jackson, Lee is the host of Trailblazer FM; a podcast that helps agencies love what they do. He is also the co-founder of Event Engine, which provides web ...

Kristin Wilson - Kristin Literally Wrote the Book on Becoming a Digital Nomad

Joining us in this episode is Kristin Wilson; who has a Youtube channel called “Traveling with Kristin”. She is an expert on living abroad and achieving the digital no...

Brandon Birkmeyer - Leaving Corporate To Become a Brand Strategist and Podcast Coach

This episode's guest, Brandon Birkmeyer, gives us an overview of how he found his way into podcast coaching. Brandon is the personal branding specialist & marketin...

Chris Darafeev - From Youtube Guru to NFT Explorer: Chris' Business Journey

From YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and NFTs, Chris Derefeev was never scared to explore new things that caught his attention. In this episode, we'll get to ...

Louise Karch - Strategies for Naming Brands and Businesses

In this episode, brand naming expert Louise Karch, is on a mission to assure all brands get the attention they deserve.

Stephanie Carter - A Verse on Being Diverse: Building a Media Platform Catered to a White Space in the Market

When you’ve hustled all your life to climb that mountain in your career, and you finally do, what’s next?

James Martin - Effort is Free: How To Become a Creative Solopreneur

Today’s podcast guest believes that there’s no shortcut to creative freedom and having a life of working for yourself. It’s not enough to just be good at what you do. ...

Daniel Clydesdale & Eilidh Dunsire - Creating and marketing a successful interactive website design agency

United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, not a small market, right? You would think if you wanted to expand you’d dig deep to find larger clients in these countries, but in ...

Amy McGlinn - Catching Fire: Affecting Change Through Words and Work that Matters

Words are powerful and when you use them right. They fuel transformations and create change.

Gabrielle Dolan - Storytelling Your Way to Business Success

How do you tell your brand or business’ story?

Jenny Blake - Building Heart-based Businesses with Delightfully Tiny Teams

Jenny Blake loves helping business owners move from friction to flow through smarter systems powered by Delightfully Tiny Teams. She believes that achieving scale in b...

Von Glitschka - Old School: Successful Careers in Design and Illustration

In today’s creative economy, it can be very tempting to take the leap and become a freelancer straight out of school.

Rachel Zorel - Leap Of Faith: Building A Small Award-Winning Agency in the Big NYC Market

“There’s never really a right time to start a business.” Someone said this to today’s guest and while she felt she wasn’t experienced enough to do it, something clicke...

Adam Erhart - From Flying Jets to Helping Brands Soar: Adam Erhart’s Journey from Pilot to Marketing Strategist

Would you turn your back on a flashy, stable career for something a little less glamorous and a lot more uncertain?

Allen Adamson - Focus and Forte: How Niching Down as an Agency Drives Success

When starting a career or growing your brand, should you go deep or wide? Should you offer one service and try to be the best at it or become a one-stop-shop for all t...

Lauren Gonzalez - The Blueprint to Designing Your Success

Building a career in graphic design doesn't need to be daunting anymore, especially with mentors and communities that offer support and guidance on how to get that des...

Philip VanDusen - How to Find Content Ideas

I like to say “Out of feed, out of mind” because content marketing is still very much a numbers game.

Jozelle Tech - Rolling Into Success as a Creative Entrepreneur

In this unpredictable economy we face, it’s tough to always keep up with the ever-turning tides of creative entrepreneurship and even our personal lives. But with guid...

Philip VanDusen - 7 Things They Don't Teach You in Design School

Do you think your design degree prepared you enough to survive in this creative economy? Can you confidently say that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to ...

Christine Mau - Designing a Career in Design Thinking

“Can a Designer be a Strategist?” That was what one event participant asked Christine.

Philip VanDusen - How to Grow Your Email List

Email is still the number 1 marketing tool for direct contact and engagement with your audience.

Jesse Showalter - An Authority in Authenticity: Personal Branding That Puts a Premium on Genuinely Giving Real Value to Others

As a creative professional who also maintains a personal brand, how important is it to carve out authenticity in what you do and how you show up online?

Philip VanDusen - Networking Tips for Designers and Creative Professionals

The thing with networking is if you’re uncomfortable doing it, then you’re doing it right because true connections are built outside your comfort zone.

Laura Pearman - Living and Breathing Brands: Making Personal Brands Come Alive by Offering Creative Direction as an Experience

When building your personal brand, it’s a non-negotiable to be true to yourself and leverage your own story. So it goes without saying that how you show up online shou...

Philip VanDusen - 7 Biggest Website Mistakes Creative Professionals Make

Does your website serve the purpose you've intended for it?

Michael Janda - The Relationship Game: Building Real Personal Brand Connections

While it’s true that growing your network is a numbers game, it’s also very important to cultivate deep and lasting relationships with your connections. Today's gue...

Philip VanDusen - The #1 Unicorn Skill For Creative Professionals

Persuade through your work and through your words.

Omar Farook - Adapting A Refine Mantra in Branding and the Tech Space

How do brand strategy and marketing come into play in tech startups?

Kathy Oneto - Building an Achievable and Sustainable Dream Career

How important is it to build a brand that aligns with your passion? Should you launch a business based on what you’re good at or on what you love?

Brigette Callahan - Powerpoint Specialist: The Power of Slide Presentations

More often than not, artists are told that they can’t make a living out of their passion.

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