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Philip VanDusen - How to Get Your First 5000 Subscribers or More on YouTube or Your Blog

Do you want to feel more satisfied with your stagnant blog, email, or video subscriber list? It can feel daunting to start from square one and try to grow your audienc...

Philip VanDusen - How Far We’ve Come and Where We’re Going

Welcome to the special 100th edition of the Brand Design Masters Podcast! We have to celebrate our wins, and reaching the 100th episode of a podcast is a huge win. It’...

Philip VanDusen - Why You Need To Stand for Something

Taking a stand and expressing your thoughts is integral to being a leader in your industry. Showing prospective clients what you're passionate about and great at encou...

Philip VanDusen - What Is Your Competitive Advantage - 8 Brand Differentiation Strategies

Knowing and leveraging your competitive advantage to your business's advantage is necessary for a successful venture. Understanding and applying the right strategies t...

Philip VanDusen - Build Your Personal Brand POWER

Power shouldn't be feared; instead, it should be embraced. Leveraging the power of personal branding is the key to a successful future and unlimited potential. Persona...

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