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Philip VanDusen - 14 Super Powers for Success

A survey of critical hard skills and valuable soft skills to develop and leverage to increase your chances of success in your entrepreneurial business or creative prof...

Philip VanDusen - Time Management Power Tips

In this episode of the Brand Design Masters Podcast, Philip shares some powerful techniques and habits you can use to manage your time better, so you can increase your...

Philip VanDusen - A Mindset of Success and Abundance

How do you cultivate success and abundance in your life? As a creative leader and designer, throughout my career I’ve been met with challenges surrounding my mindset t...

Mauro Porcini, CDO, Pepsico - The Human Side of Innovation

Mauro Porcini is SVP and Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo. In the past ten years, he and his team have won more than 1,800 design and innovation awards, and in 2018 Pep...

Philip VanDusen - Ageism in Graphic Design

Ever wondered what life looks like for a creative after you hit your 40’s? Ageism is a topic not often discussed, but it's time to address it, especially in the graphi...

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