Clare Josa - How To Ditch Impostor Syndrome

What is imposter syndrome? If you find yourself worrying that your clients might find you out and realize that you’re probably not as good as they think you are, you’re probably manifesting symptoms of this surprisingly common condition. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Did you know that 82% of those running their own business go through this?

In this episode of the Brand Design Masters Podcast, I talk to Clare Josa — a leadership mentor, speaker, podcaster and 8-time author who has spent 15 years studying imposter syndrome. Following the successful completion of a comprehensive research study on the subject matter, Clare has just written and published a book entitled “Ditching Imposter Syndrome” where she breaks down what she refers to as the 4Ps or telltale signs of having imposter syndrome.

Considered to be one of the most accomplished experts on the subject, Clare discusses the following:
  • Common characteristics of those suffering with imposter syndrome
  • 4Ps: symptomatic traits of someone with the condition
  • On branding: how starting by specializing in what she’s good at and niching down her personal brand on the subject eventually opened more doors of opportunities for her business
  • Maximizing social media: getting echoes VS getting conversions
  • Why depth is more important than width when it comes to exposure
  • Steps in recovering from imposter syndrome
  • How to turn that little critic in your head into your cheerleader without going to war with it
  • Her personal mantra
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Twitter: @clare_josa

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Clare Josa - How To Ditch Impostor Syndrome
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