Chris Do - Bulletproofing Your Creative Career

In this episode originally posted on my YouTube channel, I talk with CEO and Founder of Blind, Inc and The Futur Chris Do. A true design guru, Chris possesses the perfect unicorn skill set combination of real-world business savvy, design excellence, and branding mastery which he shares with his clients and creative professional audiences around the world.

We discuss his non-linear career path stemming from being exposed to both analytical and creative schools of thought early on in his family life, the importance of a lifetime of learning, and interestingly enough how he and his team landed an interior design job because of a strong sense of story. That last one opens up a multitude of possibilities and challenges the usual perspective on how to get clients.

The Emmy award-winning designer talks in greater detail about the following:
  • How to constantly challenge yourself and consistently grow
  • The evolving process of branding his personal brand, Blind, Inc, and The Futur
  • How he gets clients
  • Bulletproofing your creative career
  • Tipping the scale between being a Generalist VS Specialist
  • How to stay inspired
  • Two things that designers or creative people need to possess
  • His two personal mantras
To connect with Chris Do, head on over to his channels:
Instagram: @thechrisdo
Twitter: @theChrisDo
Pinterest: @theChrisDo
The Futur on Twitter:

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Chris Do - Bulletproofing Your Creative Career
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