Philip VanDusen - Are You Multi-Creative

What are the challenges that are posed by being creative in more than one medium? Can you call yourself a “multi-creative”? You could be an illustrator who also enjoys dancing, playing an instrument, and composing but feel something’s amiss. Instead of serving you and your creative ambitions, you feel that each passion takes away from the other and leaves you gasping for air.

The reality is that many creative people express themselves in  a range of creative ways. In this episode, I talk about how being a multi-creative becomes a strength, the right approach to it that unlocks its greatest advantages and when to make the tough decision to walk away from a creative outlet that is holding you back from achieving your goals.

Here are some of the topics I dive into:
  • Different types of multi-creatives
  • Nurturing a creative outlet that feeds your creativity
  • The most important question to ask yourself
  • The right age to get into a creative interest
  • Ebb and flow between different passions
  • Importance of having a creative outlet outside of your main line of work
  • Making the tough call of eliminating verticals
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Philip VanDusen - Are You Multi-Creative
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