Chris Ducker - Why Leaders Must Continue To Learn

In this episode, I talk with Chris Ducker, Virtual CEO and leader of the mastermind community Youpreneur - one of the leading personal brand business education companies in the world. Chris is a recognized international business mentor, keynote speaker, podcaster, blogger and bestselling author of “Virtual Freedom” and “Rise of the Youpreneur”.

At his core, Chris is a problem solver. We discuss rising up to the challenge of finding solutions to our clients’ problems but more importantly, how this entails constant improvement, getting your personal brand out there, and being intentional about showing up every single day and getting the work done.

We talk about:
  • His own mentors 
  • The importance of opening yourself up to input in an industry that is all about output
  • How to stay inspired to keep on learning
  • The beginnings of his now seamless brand design
  • Context marketing applied to the Youpreneur Summit landing page
  • P2P connections, the power of personal branding, and how to get yourself out there in a way you’re comfortable with
  • Trends to watch out for: the consistent weight of video as a vehicle, the rise of behind the scenes type of live videos, and the enduring importance of prioritizing your personal online hub
  • Chris’ personal mantra

For more of Chris Ducker’s work, head on over to his channels:
Twitter: @ChrisDucker
Youpreneur.FM podcast:

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Chris Ducker - Why Leaders Must Continue To Learn
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