Roberto Blake Interview at Social Media Marketing World 2020

If you’re asked what dreams and goals you have for yourself, you would probably be able to list them in a heartbeat. But are you actually prepared to take the necessary steps to get there? And when you do get to that place of victory, could you honestly say that you would know what to do with it?

If there’s anyone that can attest to self-actualization being the fruit of being able to take control over your life and the ability to master yourself, it’s Roberto Blake. 

In this episode, I talk to Roberto about his family life that influenced his mindset early on, how his non-linear career trajectory affected his work ethic, overcoming depression to get to where he is today, and his philosophy for doing the work he does.

The top-tier creative entrepreneur, YouTube Certified content creator, and sought-after keynote speaker and I discuss:
  • His recent tweet theme that circles around personal empowerment
  • How his upbringing contributed to him being raised to be a self-empowered critical thinker
  • His watershed moment and the many turns he took transitioning from agency work to freelance and eventually building his personal brand
  • His views on self-initiated or free work as means to maintain creative control while gaining client references
  • Working for experience vs working for exposure
  • How he developed his abundance mindset and why he’s all about leveraging 
  • Taking the “beatdown” of owning up to his choices at the expense of his self-confidence
  • The “Fire Me or I quit” decision
  • Why he sees himself as a true-born entrepreneur
  • The standard by which he measures himself against
  • Expanding his content themes and why he believes everything we do is a lifestyle
  • How the difference between where he is on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and where his audience is affects what he teaches
  • His Create, Grow, and Earn Framework
  • Separating your economic value from your human value 
  • How not having ownership of his time, work, and relationships pushed him into depression
  • Taking back control through doing independent work and working out personal resentments 
  • His radical transparency with his earnings and altruistic giving of learnings being means to pay it forward for all the training he himself received
  • Why chasing the feeling of pleasing his parents translates to him wanting to empower and share knowledge to others
  • His thoughts on achieving mastery, being multi-creative, and how to self-actualize creatively 
  • Being intentional and purposeful about choices but trusting the process at the same time
  • Why a career is like a web, not a ladder and how this is telling of a creative’s non-linear approach to life
  • Why knowing what to do beyond victory is as important as knowing how to achieve it
  • How he fell back in-love with taking photos, picked up wedding photography gigs, and allowed it to challenge himself and meet new people
  • Finding the fulfillment of seeing growth in others through hands-on, people to people mentorship
  • What’s next for him and what audiences can look out for in his next videos
  • His concept of net happiness
  • A practical guidebook of his Create, Grown, and Earn Framework that’s in the works
  • How he applies the Japanese concept of Ikigai in everything he does
  • Why he believes quality and quantity are non-combative and what should actually be more prioritized above the two
  • His advice to younger creatives to be consistent first before exceptional
  • The 4 Rs of Entrepreneurship that he lives by 
  • His personal mantra

Roberto Blake is the Founder of Awesome Creator Academy where he motivates and mentors small business owners and content creators on how to build their brands and businesses. He has created over 1000 educational videos on his YouTube channel and regularly speaks at his Create Something Awesome podcast where he has reached millions and inspired even more to embrace their creativity and achieve their ambitions.

To connect with Roberto, head on over to his channels:
Instagram: @robertoblake
Twitter: @robertoblake
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Roberto Blake Interview at Social Media Marketing World 2020
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